Face to Face with self – Day#2

Jealousy is pretty much like the witch that we encountered in the mythological tales of childhood – a terrifying old woman with a pointed nose who often disguised herself as a pretty woman to trap others. Perhaps it is this deception that makes it difficult to see it within ourselves. That moment when we find others moving ahead of us, becoming better than us or perhaps getting results we got albeit with less effort than us something just kicks in within our mind – that primal instinct, remanant of our ancestoral pyschological trait that helped our forefathers to stay alert of any approaching danger. Our forefathers reaped benefit out of this emotion but not us. Jealousy consumes us within like an acid slowly dissolving a piece of metal. Often, we think the pain is inflicted yet how do you explain a person set on fire that he caught fire not by itself but by his own carelessness ? Till the fire extinguishes no explaination can satisfy such a person or the mind. While it is difficult to be immune to jealousy yet if we are alert we can prevent the fire from destroying our life.



Image credits: Pixabay

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