We all have been rejected at some point in our lives. Be it getting rejected by friends, colleagues, family members, job recruiter and the list goes on. We never like it. We usually feel sad and angry about it, chiding the other person for his narrow mindedness, mentally ! Inevitably, the path to success is always filled with setbacks. Sylvestor Stallone was rejected 1500 times when tried selling the script of his famous blockbuster ‘Rocky”. The manuscript of ‘Harry Potter’ was turned down by 12 different publishers before it made J.K Rowling famous. Jack Ma, the founder of got rejected by Harvard University, ten times. They all were let down by the world at one point, but most importantly they never let themselves down. We always visualize success as a paradise. But the road to it is often rough and can be hellish. Getting beaten up is okay. Failing an exam is not a crime. Struggling to make a living is not embarrassing. As long as you have not stopped trying, you have not failed.


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