Fear being wrong

As a child, we were always taught that making mistakes is wrong. Back then we did mistakes and we were scolded or punished. Our teachers and parents wanted us to realize that it was not be done and they did so through the use of fear on occasions. But as we grew, the definition of mistakes expanded – right from the not doing your homework to making career choices.

Interestingly the fear for mistakes still continues to live in most of us despite the fact that no one is standing in front us holding a cane to punish us! In fact, we punish ourselves each time we realize that we make a mistake not physically but emotionally. Guilt is the outfall of that treatment. Guilt is like a pool of water fed by rain. It rises with time and if left unattended it drowns us beyond our ability to swim into safety. Many of us don’t realize this but just remember an instance when you couldn’t help yourself not thinking about that conversation with your friend going wrong or that moment when your boss criticized you for the first time. Perpetual replays of that moment are able to convince you that you are just not good enough without you realizing how many times you lived that failure after it actually took place. This where you need to break the chain by asserting reality to yourself. Each moment is a fresh opportunity to be right or wrong without the past getting in the way. Gather enough courage and make it count in the right way.

Letting down

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