Meaning of failure

Often in our lives, we are derailed from dreams just because we met a failure or someone criticized us. One failure or a word of criticism is enough for us to conclude we are not good enough. However, who was good enough not to endure any failure and achieve success ? No one. That’s true. Each one of us has stumbled in the path to glory. It is just that we see our lives more closely than that of anyone else. Stumbling upon failure is a beautiful reminder of how strong are your desire to move towards your goal. Those who pursue the journey in hope that it is a shortcut to their dreams quit at this point because the pain they feel at this point is more than what they had looked out for. Only the ones in search of a purpose are able to endure it all and walk on till the end of tunnel to see the light because they know the light is worth more than the darkness they are going through.


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