Our choices

One of the biggest dilemmas of our times is how to believe in ourselves. Today, we are bombarded by opinions – opinions about how we look like, about what we wear, with whom we talk, how we talk, what we do and how we think. Every minute bit of existence now undergoes more scrutiny in this age of social media than ever before. Truly, to be ourselves has become more challenging than ever before because today we have become so vulnerable to the perspectives of others that these perspectives have become temporary blueprints of our daily lives. They are temporary because they are constantly getting overwritten by perspectives more powerful than itself. The question is till when shall we be dictated by them ? Till when shall we be confined by the limitations visualized by others ? To live by the expectations of others is always a choice and to live by believing in oneself is a better and more relevant choice. So, create your own destiny by infusing belief in your dreams. Believe in yourself and be yourself.


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