Our fears are the blind spots of our mind that we are yet to explore. Fears can be limiting. They leave us with our speech frozen, hands shaken and our minds blank. It is amazing to know how something that is unknown or real can cripple our present. Most of our fears are actually based on past events or our own interpretations that have little or no connection with our present. That performance in the school exam happened years ago yet its memories seem as fresh as it was then, compelling you to believe that you are still a failure. That accident that you had last year might have caused you bruises that are healed now yet it is the bruises of the mind that need to be healed. Often our biggest opportunities for growth lurks in the recesses of our biggest fears. Our success stories often begin with a failure. But for that, we need to overcome the fear surrounding it. So, get up, face your fears, jump over them and run away to create your success story.


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