Many of us often spend our lives living someone else’s dreams. They surrender themselves to the ups & downs of life. They spend their lives counting their failures and believing that they are unfortunate to have them. As Albert Einstein once said, ” If you judge the fish by its ability to climb trees, it will spend its life being stupid.”  Most of us are like that fish. We undermine ourselves without realizing we have treasures buried within us, waiting to be discovered. Our lives are nothing but opportunities to discover those gifts. Spend time with yourself and try to know what your strengths are. Ask yourself how are you feeling about life. Take yourself five years from now and ask yourself whether you will be happy with life, then. If the answer is no, then you know you are misaligned with your dreams. It takes effort to find your dream and even more effort to believe and live your dream but once you are at it, then life becomes nothing but an effortless expression of infinite capabilities on the stage of the world. You rise above the mediocre and claim your fortune that you are destined for.

10th Sept


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