Being present

Most of us are sleepwalking, most of the time. We might be awake but not present in the moment.

Pause for a moment now and observe what you are thinking.

Most of us are still thinking of what had happened yesterday, what someone commented trivially about us or even what will happen with us. The mind often seems jumping everywhere like a monkey while we struggle hard to control it. We extrapolate our past to a future that we haven’t seen yet without realizing it has to intercept the present moment as well, which is still in our control. Being mindful of the present is beautiful. It lets you see the beauty of each moment as it unfolds before us. We may be going through difficult times, yet reliving the pain over and over does no good to us. The pain arises only once yet it is amplified many times over by remembering it. Instead, focussing on the present can help us move past it. Each moment in life is different from the one that passed by and if we can identify the opportunity that it carries for us, we can sail ahead in life.

8th Sept

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